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Lance Stroll may not always be in the headlines for the right reasons, but the Canadian does have an uncanny ability of setting Formula One records.

In June, the Williams driver became the youngest rookie to finish on the podium after placing third in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Now, at the Italian Grand Prix, he became the youngest driver to start a race from the front row.

Stroll qualified fourth in what were extremely challenging conditions at Monza on Saturday and the penalties applied on the Red Bull duo of Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo meant that he started the race in the front row.

“I didn’t expect that coming into today, but racing is full of surprises and you never know what will happen,” Stroll said. “I felt confident, felt good with the car and put it all together. Tomorrow is the race and that is where it counts, and I am just going to run my race like I always do.”

Stroll’s talent was first on display at the Ferrari academy between 2010 and 2015, which eventually led to a deal from Williams after he won the Formula 3 European Series.

“We were briefing him this morning before FP3, asking him if he wanted extra practice in the wet because he’s never driven an F1 car in full wet conditions but he said, ‘No, I’ll just take it as it comes.’ And that’s what he did today,” said Paddy Lowe, Williams chief technical officer.

“We saw some great talent out there,” Lowe said. “Good performance in the wet is one of those things that’s very difficult to test or develop, so it’s one of those surprises that can unfold positively or negatively on the day.”

As things panned out on race day, Stroll finished in seventh position, registering some much needed points for Williams.

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