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Terrible news for Federer fans!


Roger Federer, the Swiss maestro, is on an extended break and might not play any tournaments until the French Open. He has already announced that he will miss the whole clay court season before the coveted event.

After winning his third title of the year in Miami, he said, “I probably won’t play any clay events except the French Open, my body needs healing.”

He had added that he needs his body to recover from a gruelling 2017 season. “I’m not 34 anymore, things have to change in a big way. I need a rest and time to prepare. You will probably see me at the French again.”

He had earlier made it clear that Wimbledon was a priority for him. “I maybe play my aggressive tennis there too, because when the weather is good courts are very fast, maybe faster than Wimbledon,” he added.

“So it would be a good preparation for the grass season.”

Nicholas Mahut had earlier indicated that Federer was a perfectionist and would only play the French Open if he had adequate preparation. He had said that now Federer had become older, he was choosy about the events he wanted to participate in.

He has won three trophies since the start of the year and had struggled with knee problems for a long time.

It is interesting to note that out of his 18 Grand Slam titles, only one has been won on the clay court.

He will surely take his time to decide . “If I feel like I’m not 100 per cent in it, that I’m not really fired up and believe that something’s possible, then it is better to skip it.

“But then I think maybe the break is a long one again. It will be 10 weeks until the grass, that could be a bit long. I think I will play the French,” Federer said.

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