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The lesser known but equally inspiring story of Hamilton’s brother

When you talk about a Hamilton, it is invariably Lewis. The Mercedes driver is, after all, a four-time Formula One world champion and arguably one of the finest of all-time.

The fact that he is a regular at fashion events and has openly spoken about his desire to be associated in the music industry some time down the line has only added to the paparazzi.

However, few know the story about his brother. And, it surely is one that must be told.

While Lewis’s talent on the circuit was always recognized by their father, Nicolas Hamilton’s was not. The younger Hamilton was born two months premature, and after concerns about him not crawling till the age of two, doctors revealed that the infant had cerebral palsy.

Lewis continued to make headlines with his displays on the track and his brother, who is Lewis’s self-proclaimed biggest fan, continued to cheer him at every step.

While growing up, both had a huge interest in racing and while Nicolas wasn’t on the track with his brother, he’d race him in video games.

And he was so much better at these games, not just compared to Hamilton, but more or less all his peers, that he became a racing game champion.

Like many others, his father did not see it as a great accomplishment and always seemed to focus more energy on Lewis.

This didn’t stop Nicolas, who used his experience of years spent in virtual racing onto the real track. With a little help from Lewis, he started his first real race where he finished 15th of 17 competitors.

Now that’s understandably not a great feat, but it did little to deter Nicolas, who ended up getting his own sponsorship, and still competes across England.

Looking for something inspirational? Look no further…


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