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Toro Rosso took unique step to avoid McLaren-Honda mistake

In a move that usually doesn’t take place amongst many Formula One teams, Toro Rosso staff were forced to take lessons on how to communicate effectively with Japanese companies ahead of the team’s new partnership with engine supplier Honda.

Communication was a key problem throughout Honda’s partnership with McLaren, and Toro Rosso has done its best to make sure that it won’t harm their new agreement.

Speaking after the launch of the new Toro Rosso, team boss Franz Tost spoke about how the team had undertaken many seminars just to be best equipped with how to address those at Honda.

“We have a real fantastic working relationship with Honda,” said Tost.

“There were no problems, from the communication side.

“We at Toro Rosso started to prepare ourselves for this corporation. We had some lessons in Faenza how to communicate with Japanese companies in the form of Honda.

“This was useful to get an idea of the way of thinking because it’s a completely different culture. These seminars had a really positive result.

“It was a complete new start from Toro Rosso. We are a kind of works team.

“For Toro Rosso it is a big advantage to work with such a big company as Honda.”

Meanwhile, Toro Rosso tested its car once before pre-season and was confident that it had a decent challenger on its hands.

Tost spoke about how he was impressed with Honda so far and feels positive about the engine’s reliability and performance despite its recent difficulties.

“We won’t have any troubles, because the power unit is working quite well,” said Tost.

“I am convinced Honda has the capacity and the know-how to develop the engine on a level that later we will be there where we all expect to be.

“I see it very, very positively because Honda made a lot of progress in the last months from the reliability side, from the performance side and we are all looking forward to this season.”

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