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Two teams stopped Barcelona testing reschedule

With such a long waiting period before the start of action, literally any sort of Formula One action in this season, it is fair to say that the weather conditions have really dampened the mood of most enthusiasts and undoubtedly teams as well.

With eight days of action scheduled in Spain, the cold weather conditions and a freshly laid surface has not helped teams much.

While the nature of the track will certainly not change overnight, there was an option to reschedule the testing to avoid further delays.

However, two teams reportedly stopped the chances of this happening, and any rescheduling would require the unanimous consent of all 10 teams.

McLaren boss Eric Boullier has revealed the names of the two teams who did not allow this to happen.

“To change testing dates we would have required unanimity by the teams to be in agreement to change the dates,” Boullier told Sky Sports.

“It appears two teams did not want to change the dates yesterday.

“It’s obviously wasted money. We tried to save costs and only go for eight days of testing.

“We need these eight days to offer a decent show on track from race one and covering reliability issues and other things we need to cover.

“We spend the money to be here and the track is booked for two weeks anyway so we had the possibility to move this day to another one later – we know the forecast is better on Sunday – so it is purely wasting money for selfish interests.”

Previously, a move to Abu Dhabi or Bahrain has been spoken about, especially because the weather in Barcelona has been so poor for racing.

However, that would incur greater cost, something that Liberty Media has made clear that they are not willing to do.

Next week should be better though, at least in terms of temperature.

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