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With Kimi Raikkonen failing to set the stage alight till now in the current Formula One season, Ferrari teammate Sebastian Vettel has said that he feels the Finnish driver has been hard done by and “deserves better results than he has achieved”.

As things have panned out, Raikkonen is the only bloke to have yet won a race out of the four drivers plying their trade for Mercedes and Ferrari. Vettel leads the pile with two wins.

But, what is on paper is often not the case. At least that’s what Vettel believes. He said that the ups and downs are simply part of the course.

“I think he probably didn’t have the races he deserved,” he said. “At the last race obviously the start and the first lap cost him a lot, otherwise I’m sure he would’ve been on the podium.

“I see exactly what happens from inside the team and things didn’t go 100 per cent in his direction so far… but I don’t think there’s any doubt inside the paddock that he’s one of the most talented drivers we have. I don’t think anybody else could go to WRC and perform at the level he did, just come back and be right up to the pace again.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who doubts his skills or his talent but, as I said, you need to have a lot of things coming your way. If you look back last year, I had some races where things didn’t come way — it’s up and down but usually throughout the season it sort of equals out.”

While Mercedes copped plenty of flak for saying that they will give team orders that must be followed by both Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton, Vettel said he doesn’t quite see a similar approach pan out at Ferrari.

“I think the way we’ve raced in the last two and a half years, everything is straightforward,” he added.

“Sometimes it was close, sometimes it was too close as well — I remember China last year from my side, that was never ideal — but you try to fight your teammate as well as all the others, but more than anything I think we know and we understand that we’re racing for Ferrari.”

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