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Red Bull driver Max Verstappen notched the third win of his career as a Formula One driver when he triumphed at the Mexico Grand Prix on Sunday.

While some have argued that it was aided significantly by a coming together between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton on the opening lap, it is still tough to argue against the incredible potential that the Dutchman has shown in his brief stint in the sport.

The 20-year-old has openly voiced his frustration this season due to retiring from seven races, including three in a row at Canada, Azerbaijan and Austria, but Red Bull convinced him that staying at the team was in his best interests and he signed a one-year contract extension at the team prio to the US Grand Prix.

It is undoubted that Verstappen has what it takes to be a future world champion and Murray Walker believes he would be frightening behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

“He’s a phenomenon,” Walker told Channel 4.

“He’s going on to great things!

“He’s not just a potential World Champion. He’s a dead ringer for a future World Champion, many times over if he gets to drive the right car and the right team.

“At the present moment, good as Red Bull is, it hasn’t been, for the majority of the season, quite good enough.

“They’ve been beaten by Ferrari, they’ve been beaten by Mercedes-Benz.

“But, if you put Max Verstappen in a Mercedes, which could happen – and remember who told you first – you’ll see something really exciting then.”

Verstappen’s show at the Mexican Grand Prix was impressive enough in the eyes of Red Bull boss Christian Horner as well, who was all praise for the prodigy.

“The big challenge in this race was to slow him down, not speed him up – which was very unusual,” said Horner.

“I think he got a bit bored out there at times. We kept trying to slow him down and he was getting a bit frustrated that he couldn’t go any slower.

“He loves wheel to wheel racing. What he did in the first two turns… you could see after qualifying that he turned up at the racetrack and he wanted to win this race more than any other driver out there.”

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