Max Verstappen has not had the best of times in this year’s championship, so you can probably understand why he looked so eager to try the latest F1 game where he would not struggle with reliability problems and people crashing into him.

He performed in front of a live audience, so perhaps some things remained the same.

Verstappen tried out both the modern RB13 in the game and the classic 2010 championship winning RB6, noting that the two cars had rather different handling characteristics.

He said, “The 2017 RB13 feels really good in the game, with the extra grip, from the new 2017 car designs as well as from the wider tyres, resulting in faster cornering speeds which require more precision. In comparison, the classic RB6 is lighter, with a slower top speed, and later braking, and of course the biggest stand out being the sound of the engine.”

Here’s the video, uploaded on Youtube by Codemasters…

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