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WATCH: The worst delivery, and then an appeal!

Mostly the game of cricket is known for its massive sixes, the nail-biting finishes and toe-crushing yorkers.

But, there are instances in the game which will amuse you and leave a smile on your face.

Such incidents are also necessary for the players also to release the pressure and tension of the game.

Such an incident happened in an ODI in the recently concluded series between the New Zealand and South Africa which left the players in a split.

Williamson was having a go at the South African pair of Faf du Plessis and Quinton De Kock where a funny thing happened on the last ball of his second over.

The ball bounced twice before reaching the batsman and De Kock, rather than giving it an almighty thwack, hit it straight to a fielder.

The commentators were confused and laughing, wondering how someone could appeal on such a delivery and whether there is any rule in place for that.

Regardless, Williamson thoroughly enjoyed himself.

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