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Wladimir will win, but only narrowly: Fury

Wladimir Klitschko is a professional boxer performgroup.com

April 29, 2017, is when the fate of the free world and its inhabitants will be decided as Wladimir Klitschko will battle Anthony Joshua for a slew of heavyweight title belts.

The clash has all the makings of a legend to be retold before suitably impressed audiences in the no distant future. The venue is Wembley Stadium, which as a favor to both combatants has permitted the fight organizers to increase the capacity of it’s complicated innards to seat 90,000 fans.

Anthony Joshua seeks to push down and savagely dismantle this particular wall of Jericho in the person of Wladimir Klitschko.

He is something of a knockout chief and has won all 18 of his professional bouts via that brutally effective method. If he wins this time, he will become an icon, and a particularly hunky one at that!

Klitschko, on the other hand, is a grizzled veteran, slow and methodical as a bulldozer and as exciting in the ring as a cupful of peanuts.

Still, he gets the job done and boats 68 fights with 64 wins, including 53 won by knockout and just 4 losses.

He has seen it all and along with his brother Vitali, kept the heavyweight division brutally in line and title belts gracing their muscle-adorned waists.

Their hold, however, has been slipping of late and in 2015. Wladimir lost in controversial fashion to Tyson Fury.

What will happen during the match is anyone’s guess, but Wladimir is seething and wants ‘his’  IBF, IBO  and WBA belts back with him.

Joshua, the upstart, has something to prove and will seal his claim to be deserving of being counted among the greats by stopping his considerably older opponent.

However, from the uncle of Tyson — Peter Fury — comes credible claims that Joshua will narrowly lose. While not solid enough to take to the bank and gamble with, it does give indications of what to expect on fight night.

“I think this is the acid test for Anthony Joshua and if he comes through it he deserves maximum credit,” Fury told Sky Sports.

“If Klitschko is hungry, on cue, and really wants those belts back it’s going to be one hell of a fight.

“I’d have to slightly favour Klitschko because he has the experience but the question is whether Klitschko really has the desire to put his body through it all again, especially with the inactivity after being beaten by Tyson.

“It all depends on what sort of Klitschko turns up on the night, but if we get a 100 per cent Klitschko then I think Joshua will have problems.”

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