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Speculation regarding a possible move for Sebastian Vettel next season spread like wild fire all over social media when it was reported by various outlets that Mercedes boss Toto Wolff visited the German’s 30th birthday party recently.

Some even argued that Lewis Hamilton’s recent conspicuous absence from the F1 live event in London was due to the fact that he was livid with his boss for attending his title rival’s party.

While they started the season with a lot of praise for each other, tempers flared between Hamilton and Vettel after their incident in Baku. Certain websites, and I won’t name them, even went as far as to say that Wolff being seen with Vettel was like a slap to the face of Hamilton.

Red Bull team boss Christian added to the drama by saying that Wolff may be trying to lure Vettel. He said in reference to Vettel’s next career move, “I would think he’s got Toto in his ear saying ‘Extend for a year (at Ferrari)’ and then he’s probably got Ferrari saying ‘It’s three years or nothing.’”

However, when asked to comment on the matter, Wolff was quick to play down the significance of the party. He explained that it was completely normal as they live very close to one another.

Wolff said, “Sebastian and I are Neighbours, so it’s normal that we sometimes visit one another.”

Hamilton was also asked about the party and Wolff’s attendance but was in coy fashion with his answer, saying, “All I can do is laugh at that one. That’s the dumbest question I’ve had so far.”

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